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for more information about any of these offerings, please reach out by emailing me at

1:1 Ayurvedic health consultations

schedule a 1:1 Ayurvedic health consultation to get personalized attention and guidance on your path towards whole-being health + vitality. A slow-paced journey, learning + embodying ancient wisdom for our modern times. If you desire one:one guidance this offering is for you. 


offering private group and individual yoga sessions by request. in-person or via Zoom. schedule a discovery call today by emailing Kristy your interest at


the apothecary offers small-batch distillations. Currently offering a blend of hydrosol called Forest Bath. This blend uses woody parts and needles from ponderosa pine, douglas fir and mountain juniper that are limbed for fire mitigation. Each batch is harvested with gratitude and lovingly distilled in a copper, alembic still. Soon to be added,  handcrafted incense.

the earth bird wholeness collective

the EARTH BIRD wholeness collective: was created to bring together women. to learn the rhythms and cycles of Mother Nature, attune to her guidance, so that we can deepen our connection with the Earth, the sky and everything in-between. A space to come together as a community which cultivates a better understanding of nature, ourselves and our impact on the world. The collective is an online community and is also the home to wellbeing journeys; the NEST and the FOREST.

the NEST

the NEST is a part of the wholeness collective. the NEST is offered seasonally. It is a 12-week journey in a private, group coaching experience. If you are looking for ways to align with the rhythms + cycles of nature to cultivate balance and harmony within, the NEST is for you. It is a slow-paced journey, learning fundamentals of Ayurveda + nature-based wisdom. You will become empowered to make daily + seasonal choices that leads to vitality in your mind, body + spirit!


the FOREST is a part of the wholeness collective. the FOREST is where you'll have access to virtual forest therapy walks. Kristy offers guided, virtual forest bathing experience each month and you'll be a part of the growing community of forest bathers. I envision a growing community and growing connections for all parts of the world.

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What Our Clients Say

jenny m.,  writer

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"Kristy is deeply steeped in the Ayurvedic body of knowledge, while also being tremendously compassionate and practical. She listened and gently guided me so that I was able to integrate the most important practices for me. Easily and naturally, I am feeling much more balanced and energized thanks to Kristy's wonderful guidance."

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