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The earth bird apothecary currently distills hydrosols in small-batches. Living in a fire-zone, land stewardship + management are a way of life. Mitigating + limbing trees is how we care for the area around our home and ensure the health of the forest. Distilling hydrosols came from a desire to not put the limbed branches of Ponderosa pine, douglas fir + Mountain juniper in the community slash pile. Seeing a bigger purpose and a desire to not waste the medicine Earth and the trees provide us. So my journey into distillations began. Using a copper-alembic still, the mitigated plant material is carefully, and with deep gratitude, placed in the still. Distillation is a slow + intentional process that takes place in the rocky mountain rage, at 7,400 feet elevation, in northern Colorado. 


the earth bird apothecary 
creating + offering FOREST BATH hydrosol.

I know I am not the only person that feels the palpable shifts in the mind/body/spirit, when stepping into a forest. How many times have you said "If only we could bottle that..."? As an aromatherapist, Ayurvedic health counselor, Forest Therapy guide + one who feels held and guided by Mother Nature; I heard the call to do just that. Bottle the essence of the forest and share it with YOU!


May this hydrosol bring you peace, calm and an inner-knowing that you are cared for, guided and held by Mother Nature and her trees.


May this plant spirit water remind you of your innate connection to nature, awaken your spirit and guide you on the path of least resistance.

what is a hydrosol?

"hydro" meaning water and "sol" meaning solution.

Hydrosols are the pure and natural waters that are produced during the steam and/or hydro distillation of plant materials. The distillation process transforms fresh, nutrient-rich plant material into a "tonic" water that contains the water-soluble, phytochemical and therapeutic properties of the plant.

Topically, they are refreshing, cleansing, hydrating, cooling and provide wound healing support. emotionally and spiritually, they provide a grounding effect. They call for you to remember the wild. They translate the language of the plants for our subtle senses to receive. Spray your room/space to clear and refresh the air. Mist your face with eyes closed, before meditation to ground and center your mind, body and spirit. Use the hydrosol blend when needing emotional support and to cultivate the feelings of being held + supported by Mother Earth.

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