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"let the trees be your breath. let the grassy fields embrace you. let the mountains and the seas remind you. let the dawn sky flood in and allow the clouds to guide you. and when the living world has merged with you, may you finally know yourself truly alive, reborn into wholeness. natural, sacred and wild."



grateful that you have landed here. EARTH BIRD WHOLEBEING offers nature-based wellness practices for the mind, body, spirit + the Earth. It would be an honor to guide you on your journey to wholeness.

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my vision + mission

Every day I take time to get clear on my vision and mission for EARTH BIRD WHOLEBEING. I connect with my why and with the big purpose of creating these offerings. I am in the business of guiding and supporting women, cultivating deeper connections with the EARTH and with the SPIRIT of their true nature. The name EARTH BIRD came to me while sitting in meditation. I was calling in a name that embodied the essence of this path and of my offerings. While going through my own healing journey, it was the Earth that kept me grounded and held. It was the bird's eye view these holistic practices gifted me on my path towards wholeness. It was the Earth medicine, rooted in ancient wisdom and the souls that carried these teachings, these lineages, so we may benefit today. Earth Bird Wholebeing was born out of great appreciation and respect for all the teachers + healers who guided me on my journey of healing and the path to becoming a teacher + guide for others. 

My deep desire is to share Ayurveda and other nature-based wellbeing practices. Forest Therapy is a practice I feel deeply aligned with and called to share. Spending intentional time with nature helps us cultivate a genuine relationship with Mother Earth.  This form of nature-based, mindful connection will be a touchstone in my Ayurvedic offerings. Ayurveda is based with the understanding that we are a microcosm in the macrocosm. I want to guide women with a true understanding of both. Sharing Ayurveda in a feminine form, where our intuition rekindles and is our steady guide, just as we witness in nature.


My vision + mission is to be a guide for woman who are looking to (re)connect with and understand the rhythms, cycles + elemental expressions found in nature. This connection and discovery then lends itself to a deeper understanding of our own unique elemental expression and makeup. Connecting women to the EARTH so they feel supported and held, just as they offer that same energetic offering to others. Women are the caretakers, the householders, the mothers, sisters, daughters, guardians, grandmothers, aunts, the peacekeepers and change-makers. Often times we expend our energies caring for others we forget how to care for ourselves.

The vision and mission for EARTH BIRD WHOLEBEING is to be a guide and a space-holder for you to find your way back HOME. Find your way to your instinctive and intuitive self; reconnecting to your inner-guide. Offering ways for you to learn and experience Ayurvedic wisdom in a slow, steady and supported way. Incorporating Forest Therapy, yoga, aromatherapy and other mindfulness + nature-based practices to fully understand + embody our truest nature. 

I truly believe when we heal, the Earth heals and when the Earth heals, we heal. This knowing is what calls me to do this work. 

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