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the earth bird collective

A community journeying towards wholeness. A journey infused with nature-based practices for the mind, body + spirit.

the EARTH BIRD WHOLENESS COLLECTIVE was created to bring together women, to learn the rhythms and cycles of Mother Nature, attune to her guidance, so that we can deepen our connection with the Earth, the sky and everything in-between. A space to come together as a community which cultivates a better understanding of nature, ourselves and our impact on the world. 

A place to walk a path that is calling your name; the NEST for Ayurveda, the FOREST for forest bathing. These paths will support you and guide you. So you may attune, with cultivated awareness, to the rhythms of nature. Learning her rhythms and cycles and elemental expressions; we form a deep bond and understanding of the calls of Mother Earth.
A collective to attune to our inner-nature's calling. To come back into harmony, by practicing daily rituals for our wellbeing. And ultimately, for the wellbeing of our Earth. To become empowered into wholeness; mind, body + spirit and one with nature.


the MEADOW is the first landing space and front door to the community. it's free to join!

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the NEST

the NEST; a seasonal well-being path. join us on this group journey to align, connect and discover the rhythms of nature and the rhythms of your true nature. offered at the beginning of each new season.

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coming soon! a path to share monthly in-person and virtual Forest Therapy walks. whether in person or far, we gather to mindfully connect with nature, ourselves and others. from the collective; group conversation and ongoing community building over the bond of our shared experience. 

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