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As an Ayurvedic Yoga teacher, my classes are led from the perspective and understanding that we are nature. Aligning with the rhythms of nature helps align us to our best expression of our own nature. So a morning yoga class will be sequenced differently than a midday or evening class. Practicing yoga in the summer heat will be different than a practice in the middle of winter.


I teach and lead a Hatha yoga class, infused with Ayurveda and intention. This offering is a space for you to connect with and honor what your body + mind need at that moment. Slow and steady, we connect with our breath and move mindfully from one pose to another. Incorporating breath work, meditation and time to just be, so you leave class and start your day feeling more balanced and aligned mind, body + spirit. 

Practicing in the morning, gives us an opportunity to build warmth and energy at a pace that resembles the rising sun.

private group or individual classes available upon request. classes held in-person or online via Zoom

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